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Pittura termica con antimuffa, fondo aggrappante e attrezzi per l'applicazione completo

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Thermal cork painting

 Artimestieri has developed a thermal painting made with the fine powder of the cork. The effect is striking, with two or three coats of  thermal painting, simply applied with a brush (or spatula) on the coldest walls of the house, you get the following results
1 - anti-condensation due to the rise in surface temperature, that limits or eliminates the condensation of water vapor in the room.
 2 - an energy saving due to the thermal insulation layer made from cork thermal painting on the walls.
 3 - more pleasant to the sight and touch surface. Moreover, the wall paint with thermal painting will have warm temperatures  in winter and cold in summer. The originality of the thermal painting Artimestieri is also in the absolute naturalness of the ingredients: lime, cork, linseed oil and other natural resins. Bioart-thermal Painting is an excellent product: made of recycled cork and natural materials that can offer excellent results for energy upgrading of the house.


Other advantages of thermal paint cork, are the cheap price and the  ease of use, that makes it suitable for DIY.For many years Artimestieri have been seeking to promote awareness and training to DIY: do not hesitate to ask for clarification and methods of use of our products: we will give you all the tips and information to choose the most suitable for you needs and to apply them in the correct ways.


Our production of high quality granulated cork, was made possible by a first regional funding, a contribution from the CRC Cuneo Foundation, and from  the Institute Agris Sardegna who made the first measurements on granular cork. In 2010 the project was awarded of  the "FRIENDLY INNOVATION AWARD 2010" promoted by Legambiente Lombardia Region and Confindustria. In 2011 we started a research and development project sponsored by the Technological Environment Park in coordination with the Politecnico of Torino.
 The separate collection of cork (especially cork caps)started in many regions of Italy   and many citizens, groups and associations participate in the initiative with enthusiasm. The new cork products, thermal painting, thermal plaster and screed heat, represent the continuation of our research and development.

To purchase the  thermal cork painting, with antimold and anticondensation effect, please complete the shopping cart and submit the form. In a few days, the materials will be sent to your home.